“The Universe is filled with cosmic mystery and wonder.  It is possible to tap into the collective consciousness and expand our awareness to understand we are more than this reality.  We live on multiple levels of consciousness.  When we learn to awaken, we know all is one.  There is no such thing as duality.”

Consciousness Changes Radio Show will not be returning to the air. You can access previous programs below.  


The Egyptian episodes were recorded live in Egypt in March 2016.

1) Listen to the Egyptologist, Sameh Taha as he talks about the mysteries of ancient Egypt.

2)  Enjoy the episodes with Dr. Paul Hubbert who has been guiding people to Egypt since 1998.

3)  Enjoy an interview with Quest Traveler’s owner Mohamed Nazmy.


4)  Other recordings: Near Death with Peter Shockey, Gay Rights with Gordon Roque and Crystal Healing with Diana Shaffer.



Dr. Paul Hubbert, the Hathors and Ceremony in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid – episode 2


Dr. Paul Hubbert, His Love for Egypt – episode 1

An Education into the Life of Ancient and Modern Day Egypt with Egyptologist Sameh Taha

The Revolution of Amarna, The Heretic King (with Catherine Cates and Regena Decker)


Goddess Sekhmet (with Helane Anderson) and

The Love of Egypt (with Mohamed Nazmy, owner Quest Travel)

King Tut (with Linda Van Bibber and Johnny Ray Steinbaugh)


Temple of Hatsheput (with Hector Montenegro)


Temple of Isis (with Leslie Dillard and Havi)


Crystal Healing (with Diana Shaffer)


Near Death Experience (with Peter Shockey) and

Gay Rights (with Gordon Rogue)


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