“Although my Spirit may go far away to the flashing beams of light,
Let it come back to me again so that I may live and journey here.”
Hymn of the Rig Veda
A Time of Inner Awareness  A relaxing day to commune with nature,  while you explore the inner silence of yourself. Learn to follow your breath to a deep level of inner awareness.  We will explore the inner self and various meditation practices and light yoga. (8 CEs available to LMTs)
The Energy of CranioSacral Therapy.  One of the most intriguing and miraculous therapies is CST. A light touch modality that assists the body to release restrictions and bring a sense of re-membering to the body to assist the body to heal. Students will learn the benefits of CST, the cranial protocol as well as the chakra system and how the two are married together to promote health and wellness.  FOR LMTs only 21 hr. class
The Energy of Being: Spirit of the Shaman Journey into the spirit realms through ancient ceremonial rituals to connect with personal guides, spirit animals and earth divas. In this odyssey we will explore levels of consciousness in the seen and unseen worlds. Shamanism is the intentional effort to develop intimate and lasting relationships with personal helping spirits by consciously leaving ordinary reality and journeying into the nonordinary realms of the spirit world.”
~ Tom Cowan  Shamanism As A Spiritual Practice for Daily Life. 
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A Journey of Inner Peace – The 7 natural laws of nature guide us in our own discovery of the inner workings of who we are and where we are going.  Bringing these natural laws into your daily activities will broaden your perspective of yourself. t break through the boundaries of common every day thought patterns and behavior. This is an experiential retreat.  We will practice Yin Yoga meditation, crystal healing bowls and drumming.  (21 CEs for LMTs are available)
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Ethics for LMT’s – Learn and explore the ethical standards of massage therapy.  2 hr. class  (2 CEs)
Tennessee Law for LMTs – Approved by the Tennessee Massage Board 2 hr. class (2 CEs)
Note: All classes are open to the general public except where indicated for LMTs.
Class policy: non-refundable $50 deposit: 1/2 refund 10 days from class: no refunds 48 hrs to 1 week before class;
no shows-no refund