” Although my Spirit may go far away over the lofty mountains
Let it come back to me again so that I may live and journey there.”
Hymn of the Rig Veda
Being a Free Soul is a system of well being developed and created by Pete Sanders author of You Are Psychic and the Brain’s Joy Center. Pete graduated Suma Cum Laude from MIT. He is the President and Founder of Free Soul, a 501C3 non-profit organization located in Sedona, AZ. For the past 30 years, Pete has studied and taught classes on the energies of the Vortices in Sedona, AZ.
“The Free Soul Rapid meditation as described in the book, the Brain’s Joy Center is not designed to replace the deep harmony of long forms of meditation and/or prayer.  “Rapid meditation is important because it makes harmony and inner security possible during the hectic pace of daily living. It can easily be attached to your routine without disrupting the fabric of your life.” Pete Sanders.   www.freesoul.net
Mary Glesige is a Free Soul  Instructor certified by PeteSanders to teach the following classes:
1. Discover Your Inner Technology Level I – Psychic, Soul & Healing Methods provides you with a comprehensive spiritual attunement in 5 minutes; secrets for accessing the mind’s deeper dimensions;learn how to tap the body’s Psychic Reception Areas; Experience & prove the existence of your Spirit Guides; new methods for enhanced physical vitalization & healing.
2. Discover Your Inner Technology Level II – Soul infusion techniques, intermediate cleansing, the role of the chakras, Soul Blending.
3. Discover Your Inner Technology Level III – Access Your Brain’s Joy Center naturally; mind/body secrets for boosting your immune system; techniques to quickly ease worry, hurt, anger.
Contact Mary to find out when the next class is scheduled or call her to create a class for you and some friends or family.
Class policy: non-refundable $50 deposit: 1/2 refund 10 days from class: no refunds 48 hrs to 1 week before class.
No shows – no refund.