In 2012, I made my first trip to Egypt which brought to me a greater self-awareness and my first initiation into Egypt energies.  On my return of 2016, I became aware of a deeper understanding of the energies of Egypt and how I was being effected.  I received my second initiation into these life changing energies. I began receiving information on a living light energy healing.  At the time, I didn’t really recognize what this would become.It is still a work in progress as I have been given pieces of this modality for healing. In 2017, a great self clearing was presented to me.  I will be returning in January 2019 to receive the last piece.  I have been given the guidance to begin this practice.

Living Light Energy Healing is heart energy healing presented on many levels of consciousness.  Sound healing with crystal bowls and other instruments as guided opens the high frequency healing session. The energy is transmuted into a high frequency which I absorb to work.

To schedule a session, please call me at 615-596-9355. You can pay for the session by going to Registration Page or Private Sessions Page and clicking on Life Coaching.  This IS NOT A LIFE COACHING SESSION AND WOULD BE SEPARATE.